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Are you thinking about how to get the discount coupons and use for save your money? Then here are we o help you. Just follow the below steps to start a journey of SAVINGSSS…!

Scroll to the offer, which you are wishing to buy and open up the deal (go through the details and necessary information/instructions of the offer).

Here you will see a TAB at the left, it has the following information: (please see the below screen)

  • VALID TILL – when the offer is going to the end/expire. 
    1. IS VALID –> there is no time limit for this offer.
    2. 1 DAY LEFT –> this offer will end/expire within 24hrs.
  • SHOW COUPON/VISIT OFFER/REVEAL OFFER – where you can view the coupon or and visit the offer page.

ChotaPrice-How to

ChotaPrice-How to

Now you will see the coupon code, it will be combination of Alphabets & Numbers. Select the code and Copy(Ctrl + C) it. Also the offer page will be loaded in an adjacent page in the browser.

ChotaPrice-How to

Now go to the offer page and complete all the prerequisites(no of items/Shipping Address etc.). Paste the Coupon Code, before Payment Page and you will get a similar message as below:

“Congratulations! You would have successfully applied the offer.”


Hurray….  YOU SAVED MONEY..!!!!

Now proceed to payment and complete the order.

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CP @ ChotaPrice Team.

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